About the Authors


John O’Connell is an undergraduate student at Marquette University passionate about tech and venture capital. With experience working for Silicon Valley startups and building his own businesses, John wanted to see tech from a completely different perspective, which brought him to China. After spending several months exploring the country, making new friends and interacting with the Chinese tech community, John sought to take what he learned and use it as a conduit to encourage his peers to begin looking into China.

This coming summer, John will be returning to Silicon Valley as a TEC Fellow at True Ventures where he will be working as a Product Manager Intern at a stealth Fintech startup.


John Haboush is endlessly curious and passionate about bringing new ideas to life. He loves to discover perspectives that disrupt his current view of the world. This desire inspired him to explore the Chinese tech ecosystem and share the lessons he learned. Before this, John was the co-founder of a startup that set to revolutionize the way that the construction industry hired entry-level candidates, through leveraging previous hiring data.

This coming summer, John will be working in Silicon Valley at Sumo Logic as a Sales Intern. John is finishing his finance degree at Marquette University and will graduate in the Spring of 2019.


Kevin Shimota

Kevin Shimota, a self described “Polyglot Tech Biz Hippie”, is a Senior Marketing Manager at WeChat, which is China’s largest social network. Kevin works and lives in Guangzhou, China where he helps to grow WeChat internationally.

Kevin is using his expertise, developed on the ground in China, to provide his input on the lessons that John and John are sharing. Kevin is a native of Seattle, WA where he graduated from the University of Washington.